December 30, 2004

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Check out the UK's National electronic Library for Health. Looks
simple but you can get lost in the complexity of this one.

You don't want to miss the Internet Archive.

Explore the Internet world of the BBC

Begin learning about the European Union at - where else?
- their home page
Looking for the top 100 queries on the Internet today? Look no further: here's WordTracker

Take a look at Yahoo's Buzz Index

Check out Lycos' Daily Top 50

For a weekly survey of top queries, check out Google's Zeitgeist

Here's something interesting: a site that helps you put together searches. It's called NoodleQuest.
Just answer a few questions about your research topic and NoodleQuest will reveal and explain some of the best search strategies you can use.

I can't plug the Astronomy Picture of the Day site often enough.
You gotta love it.
SolStation gives details on nearby stars. The site also has 3D star maps, invaluable

should you get lost within 50 light years of Earth.
I need more power, Scotty!
Take a tour of the Victoria and Albert Museum

If you like maps, like I like maps, then you have to check out the U.S. Geological Service National Map Viewer.

If you prefer your wisdom from Rock 'n Roll, then check out Song Quotes
Goodness gracious, great balls of fire. - Jerry Lee Lewis, Great Balls Of Fire has 30,000 images from sex to flyingmachines.
This site brings together images and viewpoints to create insights into SCIENCE and CULTURE.
Do check it out

Virginia Tech has a huge database of images, you'll want to bookmark

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