July 29, 2004

The new MSN Search engine has been introduced.
You can give it a test run here

July 24, 2004

Ever watch late night TV, and there's a commercial for something really cool, but they flash the address and toll-free number so fast, you can't write it down?
Your troubles are over!
As Seen On TV has all the information you need to buy everything from 6 Second Abs to Zylogen

Stonehenge stands as a timeless testimony to the people who built it, between 3000BC and 1500BC. An amazing feat of engineering and arguably the most sophisticated stone circle in the world, it remains a mystery."
Learn all about these mysterious ruins with this great site.

Windows to the Universe
Learn about our planet, the solar system we live in, astronomy and the universe. You also learn about Space Weather, Space Missions, Myths, amf much, much, more ...

The Adventures of Herman
This is a site about worms, those helpful little critters that are in our soil. Now you can learn all about them with the Adventures of Herman the Worm. This site is divided into sections, can be read in Spanish, and there is even a Teacher's Bin.
Learn about the earth worm's job as a soil scientist and why we can't live with out them!

I found this great site on knots. As you all know sailors tie knots on the ropes of the boat. Here are some great knots that you can learn to tie. Bowline, Double Loop, Sheepshank, Figure Eight Stopper, Reef, Splice, Tie (like neck tie), Windsor (also a neck tie knot).

July 23, 2004

The BBC has launched the BBC Motion Gallery, with over 10,000 video clips
You can see the Gallery at

50 Problem Solving Strategies Explained
John Malouff, J.D., Ph.D

From the University of New England comes a comprehensive list of problem solving strategies which allows individuals to use a checklist approach to problem solving. It also could facilitate training others in problem solving. The classification of the strategies into types may facilitate the development of new strategies that fit into a specific category. The explanations and examples given could serve as a valuable supplement to other explanations and examples available in books and on the web.

The strategies on this list are in themselves not original. The original aspects of this list are
(a) putting all these specific strategies together
(b) organizing them into the types described below
(c) giving each type of strategy a fresh explanation with new examples.

You got a problem with that?

American Rivers

60 Dams in 15 States to be removed in 2004

More than 145 dams have been removed since 1999 when the breaching of Edwards Dam on Maine's Kennebec River first captured national attention. This promising trend is the result of two converging developments -- a growing appreciation of the ecological benefits of removing dams and the aging of much of the nation?s dam infrastructure.
While dams can provide valuable services, the ecological price is high. Dams drown valuable habitat under reservoirs, block the annual migrations of fish, and can create downstream conditions inhospitable for fish and wildlife. Dams also create several safety hazards, some of which increase with age. Small dams are sometimes called "drowning machines" because they can create dangerous undertows.
Step Away From The Lobster, And No One Gets Hurt

This incredible story comes from the

Diane Huang, a seafood buyer, is scheduled to enter federal prison on July 21, where she will begin serving a two-year sentence for purchasing undersized lobster tails shipped in clear plastic bags. Under the Lacey Act, a U.S. law, it is illegal to take wildlife in violation of foreign law. The lobsters Ms. Huang purchased violated obscure laws of Honduras because they were shipped in clear plastic bags, rather than opaque cardboard boxes, and a small percentage of the lobsters did not measure to 5.5 inches in length.

Exhibit L?

Britain's Librarians Vote For Most Annoying Noises

Top of the Annoying Noises list are mobile phone tunes closely followed by people playing their music too loudly and people discussing personal issues in public. The full list follows:

1 mobile phone tunes
2 people playing their music too loudly
3 people discussing personal issues in public
4 second hand music from next door
5 small children screaming

6 car/house alarms
7 revving engines
8 dogs barking
9 sniffing
10 giggling

A word to the wise is sufficient

The Library of Congress has announced The Lewis Carroll Scrapbook Collection, now available at http://international.loc.gov/intldl/carrollhtml/ .
Lewis Carroll, he of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Though the Looking-Glass (also known as Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) kept a scrapbook and this is it. The scrapbook covers the years 1855 to 1872 and contains clippings, illustrations, and photographs.
You may either search by keyword or browse. The collection also includes an essay about the scrapbook, a timeline, and a portrait gallery.

Like comedy? You'll enjoy the encyclopedia of comics, from Abbott & Costello to Zacherley, available at http://www.comedystars.com/homepage/ .
There are over 2000 medical tutorials in the Spider Nevi search engine, with a further 7000 tutorials waiting to be reviewed. Unfortunately the search engine isn't work-safe, since recent searches are put on the front page and some people are searching for obscenities, but if you can get past that you might like Spider Nevi: http://www.spidernevi.com/

July 22, 2004

Gary Price received a tip via email regarding the

Native Title InfoBase
Check it out

A treasure trove of history from Gary:

Law and History Review ("America's leading legal history journal, encompassing American, English, European, and ancient legal history....")
The History Teacher ("...the most widely recognized journal in the United States devoted to the teaching of history in the secondary and higher education classroom...")
Common-Place ("Common-place is not a traditional scholarly journal. It differs in content: we range across interests and disciplines, from art history to archaeology, from politics to parlor manners. It differs in tone: we aim to reach a broad audience of the educated public....")
Labour/Le Travail ("...a bilingual semi-annual review dedicated to the broad, interdisciplinary study of Canadian labour history...")
Journal of World History ("Devoted to historical analysis from a global point of view....")
History of Education Quarterly ("Topics span the history of education, both formal and nonformal, including the history of childhood, youth, and the family.")
Environmental History ("Insights from history, geography, anthropology, the natural sciences, and many other disciplines are included.")
Oregon Historical Quarterly ("...one of the largest state historical society journals in the United States...a recognized and respected source for the history of the Pacific Northwest region...")
Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era ("...traditional national-level politics, social categories of race, class, ethnicity and gender, cities and regions, comparative transnational contexts, economic and business history, international relations, and every field of scholarly inquiry within its time period...")
Indiana Magazine of History ("...documents and investigates the changing culture of Indiana and the Midwest...")

All journals are
searchable. A dropdown menu allows you to search all of them simulatneously or choose a title to search individually. Another dropdown menu lets you search by article type -- e.g., articles, reviews, letters to the editor, etc..

More (not necessarily searchable) resources:

Booker T. Washington Papers Online is a free and fully searchable web tool designed to provide researchers with access to thousands of pages comprising the 14-volume printed work, originally published by the University of Illinois Press." Historian's Web Links -- electronic journals, journal consortia, history department web pages, online teaching and research resources, links to archives around the world
Historical Map Collections

Gary Price is the Man!

First Man Over Niagara Falls Without A Barrel ...
Who Lived To Tell About It!

On a crisp afternoon last October, Kirk Jones climbed over the steel safety rail at the top of Niagara Falls and contemplated the troubled direction of his life. From his perch, Jones had a clear view of the Niagara River, where a frothing torrent of Class VI rapids roiled for several hundred feet before reaching the precipice beyond. A heavy mist swirled around him, and a dull roar filled his ears.
"I just couldn't let go of that railing," he recalls. "As much as I wanted to, a part of me said, No. No human being has ever done this and lived."

* * *

It was a stranger's voice that finally convinced him to go for it, that of an unidentified woman who happened to be taking in the view. "So, what are you going to do?jump?" she called out sarcastically.

"Yes, ma'am, I think I will," Jones replied. Right then, he let go of the railing, dashed down an embankment, and leaped into the current. Moments later, he flew feet first over the brink of Horseshoe Falls (the Canadian side of Niagara), plunging 170 feet into the water below.

It felt like I was being swallowed by a living organism, says Jones Posted by Hello

For what happened next, read here

July 21, 2004

Chemical Mask Deters Mosquitoes

David Bradley
If you are one of those people who suffer a multitude of insect bites when others seem to swat them away without a care, you can no longer claim that it is the sweeter-smell of your blood compared with theirs.

Read the rest at
Reactive Reports

Have you heard of Spyware? Adware?
A little confused about what they do, and how they operate?
There's an excellent article in Business Week Online that may clear these things up for you.

UNM Researchers Publish Water Theory

Washing dishes in the kitchen sink has a theory behind it, but no one explained it until now.
Professors Vakhtang Putkaradze and Peter Vorobieff and graduate student Keith Mertens

describe the theory and experiment on hydrodynamic instability in a research paper published in Nature, a respected peer-reviewed science magazine.
Their 700-word essay, titled "Braiding Patterns on an Incline Plane," describes a simple-minded problem.
"It's very familiar, but it hasn't been explained until now," Putkaradze said.
The paper describes a new form of hydrodynamic instability, which is the variation of the height and weight of a stream of water.

* * *

"Every college student should be able to understand it," Putkaradze said.

Read the rest { here }

I do understand, this time, I do!
Bookstore survival from the Tucson Citizen
It ain't easy keeping an independent bookstore open. With the state of the economy and the corporation big boys hovering on the landscape, just surviving is an accomplishment.
Finding a niche, a speciality, is the key for independent bookstores, according to several store owners in Tucson.

* * *

Biblio, which will be 2 years old in October, specializes in poetry, cultural studies, music, film, graphic novels and eclectic fiction, and it offers no bestsellers.
"Because we don't stock bestselling authors, we have room for new, different interesting stuff," Goldston said. "A lot of people come in here and want to talk about books. We enjoy that kind of intimacy with customers. The store has a community-based ethic to it."

Most independent bookstores do the same, wherever they are. Find the independent bookstore nearest you, and frequent them often.

July 20, 2004

Head on over to Library Spot for links to popular online Almanacs, Calculators, Dictionaries, Directories, Encyclopedias, Historic

Documents, Quotations, Statistics, and Thesauri

LookSmart.com does it all, Directory, Web searcher, and Article finder

The Glory of Chinese Printing

At this site you can choose whether to view the site in Chinese or in English?I obviously chose English. Once you are in the English section of the site you can Explore the Glory of Chinese Printing. The site has examples of Chinese printing from as far back as the Stone Age, and lovely historical pictures of ancient writing artifacts.
You'll find navigation of this site is straight-forward and the layout divine.

pgcp81.jpg (63586 bytes)

The Leonardo Museum in Vinci

"Located in the medieval Castello Guidi (11-12 cen.), the Leonardo Museum dominates the small city of Vinci." Now it dominates the web as well with its online exhibits. You can get a real feel for the museum itself since there are floor plans of the actual museum. You'll be at the heart of the museum and the heart of this site: the wonderful inventions of Leonardo De Vinci.

View of Dresden's Church of Our Lady

Dresden's Church of Our Lady (
the Frauenkirche) in the setting sun.
Using a special crane, workers raised the British - designed cupola and gilded cross on the top of the church, fifty-nine years after it was destroyed in the Allied firebombing near the end of World War II.
Buzzle.com, The Guardian, and the Pakistan Daily Times

White House Kids

Welcome to the White House Site for kids! Introduce your children to Washington with an array of fun facts, activities, games and much, much more! They can learn about the history of the White House, the traditions, even the pets that have lived there.

July 19, 2004

Bronze book will introduce airport travelers to Buffalo

Patricia Donovan
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A two-thousand pound "operable" bronze book, the pages of which chart the history and physical development of the City of Buffalo and describe many points of its civic pride, will be installed in The Gallery at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport on June 29, where it will be exhibited through December.
The installation will begin at 11 a.m. and continue through the afternoon.
The bronze book was produced between 1999-2002 by faculty members and students at the University at Buffalo through a university-funded interdisciplinary collaborative venture, "The Public Casting of Cities." ...
Kent Kleinman, chair of the UB Department of Architecture, notes that "any verbal description of the scope and quality of this work will be woefully inadequate.
"It involved creating dozens of low-relief models of Buffalo's great and minor icons, casting them in bronze and compiling them into a large, 12-leaf, book-like structure made of milled-bronze stock and bronze counterweights. The casting was done in the Casting Center in the UB Center for the Arts."
{ Read more here }

is a great page of quotations that is highly searchable
You can search by Topic, Author, or Subject
Or you can check out the Top 10

NationMaster.com is a tool for researching and graphically comparing statistics between nations. There's a vast array of new data, together with some new features.

PeoplesArchive is dedicated to collecting for posterity the stories of the great thinkers and creators of our time

Variety Search is a search engine, geographical directory with yellow pages and people search

Check 'em all out

For those of you out there interested in all things Google , as I am , Google Spawn: The Culture Surrounding Google is a must read. It's by Paul S. Piper, Librarian, Western Washington University
Just a few years back, the word Google existed as the name of a cartoon character (Barney Google) and possibly among the random phonemes mumbled by toddlers. Today, one would be hard-pressed to find a person who hasn't heard of the search engine that bears this name.
* * *
While Google is transparently easy to use, it is not always transparently easy to use better.
{ Read the rest here }

July 15, 2004

Masked Man in a Tutu Takes to the Ice
Beverley Smith
Toronto Globe and Mail

Dortmund, Germany ... Just as five-time world champion Michelle Kwan stepped onto the ice to skate her long program at the world figure skating championships, a young masked man jumped over the boards in a long black robe, stripped down to some colourful shorts, pulled on a yellow tulle tutu, and pretended to be a bad skater.
His naked torso had the name of a dot-com company scrawled in greasepaint ...
Off the ice, he told officials he was Canadian. He had the name of his internet gambling website painted on his torso ...
The same organization streaked the Super Bowl and Wimbledon. The incident delayed Kwan's performance for more than three minutes.

"I was surprised," Kwan said afterward. "I thought it was one of the flower girls, and then I looked again. It was an adult man, a man stripping down. It was a little distracting."
Suddenly, she realized she might be in an unsafe position, that he might want to shoot her and got off the ice.
"I realized safety is first. Get off the ice. Forget about concentrating on the long program when you might have someone shooting at you," she said.
Officials gave Kwan an option of having the ice resurfaced, but after the real flower girls picked up the man's refuse, Kwan continued.

It was her 11th world championship and now Kwan has seen it all. She said she's debating whether or not she will compete next year, but said jokingly: "I should compete next year and see what else happens."
Kwan said she had to concentrate and refocus, but she skated with fire ... when she finished, the crowd gave her a standing ovation for her grit and her aggressive performance.
Judges awarded her six perfect marks of 6.0, but it was not enough to win.
Who thought Ice Skating -- and Canada -- could be so exciting?
Check out the unusual photographs in the style known as Carte de Visite

In her Sunday best Posted by Hello
From Backwash.com

Odd Pics from Anomalies-unlimited.com

From YourDictionary.com, the 100 Most Mispronounced Words and Phrases in English

Have you ever seen the Celtic Cross
And take a look at the whole site

From SearchEngine Watch

Ask Jeeves has announced several new "Smart Search" shortcuts
Ask Jeeves has announced several new "Smart Search" shortcuts, along with a new page preview tool.

The shortcuts allow searchers to enter a trigger word and get a relevant answer, often from a high quality source directly at the top of the results list. If an answer isn't actually shown, then a link is general provided to specialized database.

Smart Search shortcuts have been around at Ask Jeeves since April 2003, but the company has expanded the list with today's release. Here's the complete set:

*Movies: Synopses, top links, average critics' review scores, and local show times for all new film releases, as with Shrek. See the past SearchDay article, Ask Jeeves Famous People Search, for more about this particular shortcut.
* Wedding Registry: Access all wedding registry locations from Pottery Barn to Tiffany's for any bride and groom, as with this example
* Fed Ex and UPS Tracking: Enter the tracking number
* People Search: Find contact information for individuals across the United States, such as jack jones chicago illinois
* Definitions: Quick explanations of meanings for words and acronyms, such as define unstable.
* Navigation: Highlights the most-likely result for people looking for a specific site, such as with cnn.
* Sports Teams: Links to scores and more for all U.S. sports franchises, such as los angeles dodgers.
* Terror Alert: Real-time updates of the current terror alert level in the U.S. Just enter terror alert.
* Current Events: Editorially-selected links for breaking news and current events, such as gas prices in 90210.

Google's "Shortcut" Links are here

Lots of Search Engine resources here

The Librarians' Index to the Internet has a new resource collection devoted to the Olympics. It's available at http://lii.org/search/file/olympics

You'll find a variety of Olympics information (current and historical): athletes and sports, information about Athens, with a set of links to peripheral Olympics information, including the IOC, medals, mascots, the Olympic Torch, and the Special Olympics.
Run and check it out

British Library to archive all UK Web sites

The British Library, famed for a collection that includes a First Folio of Shakespeare, two Gutenberg Bibles and the scribbled lyrics to "I Want to Hold Your Hand," is starting the initial phase of a project that may eventually lead to it archiving all U.K. Web sites.

Have you seen Yahoo!'s new search engine

Here are some search tips for Nurses
There are also sites for consumers (that's you and me) here and here

July 09, 2004

Snowflake collection available, thanks to digital library

Patricia Donovan

He was an odd-duck Vermont farmer who invented photomicrography - the use of photography to capture images in a microscope - and produced thousands of stunning photographs of snow crystals to prove that no two are alike.

An idiosyncratic, self-taught meteorologist and photographer, Wilson Alwyn Bentley was America's first cloud physicist. He made 10,000 glass photomicrographic plates between 1880 and 1926, upon which he captured the images of 5,000 individual snow crystals and 5,000 images of dew and frost. This collection has been held since the 1930s by the Buffalo Museum of Science, although its fragility has prevented its widespread use by researchers or the public.
Over the years, the glass plates deteriorated, however, and his work might have been lost forever to researchers and the public had not a group of UB graduate students stepped in to save it for posterity.

As an alternate method of snow crystal presentation, Bentley often grouped several of his images together on one plate Posted by Hello

Bentley's images now are available to the public, thanks to students in the School of Informatics, who have developed a fully operational digital library for the Wilson A. Bentley Snow Crystal Collection

July 05, 2004

Astronomers using a global combination of radio telescopes to study a stellar explosion some 30 million light-years from Earth have likely discovered either the youngest black hole or the youngest neutron star known in the Universe. Their discovery also marks the first time that a black hole or neutron star has been found associated with a supernova that has been seen to explode since the invention of the telescope nearly 400 years ago.

The youngest black hole ever?
Photo Credit-NRAO Posted by Hello

Have you ever had a medical question that you were too embarrassed to ask a friend, family member, or even your doctor? Are you tired of the establishment medical sites that sugar coat their information and won't show you the pictures you need to see?
Try Afraidtoask.com

When Office Supplies attack!

Can't make it to your Anger Management Group?
Slug him a few times instead; he can take it.

If you've never seen this before, you've got to see it now

Are you ready to play 20 Questions with a computer?
You're in for a big surprise!
From Refdesk.com
Subscribe to the Site of the Day

The Online Books Page is a website that facilitates access to over 20,000 books that are freely readable over the Internet. It also aims to encourage the development of such online books, for the benefit and edification of all.

Government Guide, from AOL, provides a searchable, browsable guide to online federal, state and local government services. Input your zip code to determine your state and local government resources including your elected officials
Fits well with FirstGov

MediLexicon has the world's largest online database of pharmaceutical and medical abbreviations - over 110,000 and growing. This database is updated daily to include new acronyms and abbreviations and their meanings, from the fields of medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, agrochemicals, healthcare and more.

PC Magazine presents its choices for the 'Top 100 Sites You Didn't Know You Couldn't Live Without' in 12 categories. As of April 2004
Check it out
I guarantee there will be some sites you've never heard of

Medical and health information for a healthier life from the world renowned Mayo Clinic
MSN has a whole bunch of tools out. Check them out at MSN's Sandbox

Play the incredibly frustrating Dot Game
You've been warned
While you're at it, check out This is Tom

From BoardGames.com comes more than 70 types of Monopoly Games

I'm not really sure what you can do with this information, but here's a Pay Phone Directory
Its uses seem to be obvious except for two problems: How do you get your friend to be outside at the right time -- call him on the phone?
And what if someone is using the phone?

Hello? Hello? Posted by Hello

From SearchEngineWatch.com

Major Search Engines and Directories

MetaCrawlers and MetaSearch Engines

News Search Engines

Search Toolbars and Utilities

Kids' Listings

Specialty Search Engines

Miscellaneous Global Search Engines

Here's an interesting one: volunteer-organized engines
This is definitely worth looking at