July 24, 2004

Ever watch late night TV, and there's a commercial for something really cool, but they flash the address and toll-free number so fast, you can't write it down?
Your troubles are over!
As Seen On TV has all the information you need to buy everything from 6 Second Abs to Zylogen

Stonehenge stands as a timeless testimony to the people who built it, between 3000BC and 1500BC. An amazing feat of engineering and arguably the most sophisticated stone circle in the world, it remains a mystery."
Learn all about these mysterious ruins with this great site.

Windows to the Universe
Learn about our planet, the solar system we live in, astronomy and the universe. You also learn about Space Weather, Space Missions, Myths, amf much, much, more ...

The Adventures of Herman
This is a site about worms, those helpful little critters that are in our soil. Now you can learn all about them with the Adventures of Herman the Worm. This site is divided into sections, can be read in Spanish, and there is even a Teacher's Bin.
Learn about the earth worm's job as a soil scientist and why we can't live with out them!

I found this great site on knots. As you all know sailors tie knots on the ropes of the boat. Here are some great knots that you can learn to tie. Bowline, Double Loop, Sheepshank, Figure Eight Stopper, Reef, Splice, Tie (like neck tie), Windsor (also a neck tie knot).

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