July 20, 2004

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The Glory of Chinese Printing

At this site you can choose whether to view the site in Chinese or in English?I obviously chose English. Once you are in the English section of the site you can Explore the Glory of Chinese Printing. The site has examples of Chinese printing from as far back as the Stone Age, and lovely historical pictures of ancient writing artifacts.
You'll find navigation of this site is straight-forward and the layout divine.

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The Leonardo Museum in Vinci

"Located in the medieval Castello Guidi (11-12 cen.), the Leonardo Museum dominates the small city of Vinci." Now it dominates the web as well with its online exhibits. You can get a real feel for the museum itself since there are floor plans of the actual museum. You'll be at the heart of the museum and the heart of this site: the wonderful inventions of Leonardo De Vinci.

View of Dresden's Church of Our Lady

Dresden's Church of Our Lady (
the Frauenkirche) in the setting sun.
Using a special crane, workers raised the British - designed cupola and gilded cross on the top of the church, fifty-nine years after it was destroyed in the Allied firebombing near the end of World War II.
Buzzle.com, The Guardian, and the Pakistan Daily Times

White House Kids

Welcome to the White House Site for kids! Introduce your children to Washington with an array of fun facts, activities, games and much, much more! They can learn about the history of the White House, the traditions, even the pets that have lived there.

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