July 22, 2004

Gary Price received a tip via email regarding the

Native Title InfoBase
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A treasure trove of history from Gary:

Law and History Review ("America's leading legal history journal, encompassing American, English, European, and ancient legal history....")
The History Teacher ("...the most widely recognized journal in the United States devoted to the teaching of history in the secondary and higher education classroom...")
Common-Place ("Common-place is not a traditional scholarly journal. It differs in content: we range across interests and disciplines, from art history to archaeology, from politics to parlor manners. It differs in tone: we aim to reach a broad audience of the educated public....")
Labour/Le Travail ("...a bilingual semi-annual review dedicated to the broad, interdisciplinary study of Canadian labour history...")
Journal of World History ("Devoted to historical analysis from a global point of view....")
History of Education Quarterly ("Topics span the history of education, both formal and nonformal, including the history of childhood, youth, and the family.")
Environmental History ("Insights from history, geography, anthropology, the natural sciences, and many other disciplines are included.")
Oregon Historical Quarterly ("...one of the largest state historical society journals in the United States...a recognized and respected source for the history of the Pacific Northwest region...")
Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era ("...traditional national-level politics, social categories of race, class, ethnicity and gender, cities and regions, comparative transnational contexts, economic and business history, international relations, and every field of scholarly inquiry within its time period...")
Indiana Magazine of History ("...documents and investigates the changing culture of Indiana and the Midwest...")

All journals are
searchable. A dropdown menu allows you to search all of them simulatneously or choose a title to search individually. Another dropdown menu lets you search by article type -- e.g., articles, reviews, letters to the editor, etc..

More (not necessarily searchable) resources:

Booker T. Washington Papers Online is a free and fully searchable web tool designed to provide researchers with access to thousands of pages comprising the 14-volume printed work, originally published by the University of Illinois Press." Historian's Web Links -- electronic journals, journal consortia, history department web pages, online teaching and research resources, links to archives around the world
Historical Map Collections

Gary Price is the Man!

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