July 05, 2004

MSN has a whole bunch of tools out. Check them out at MSN's Sandbox

Play the incredibly frustrating Dot Game
You've been warned
While you're at it, check out This is Tom

From BoardGames.com comes more than 70 types of Monopoly Games

I'm not really sure what you can do with this information, but here's a Pay Phone Directory
Its uses seem to be obvious except for two problems: How do you get your friend to be outside at the right time -- call him on the phone?
And what if someone is using the phone?

Hello? Hello? Posted by Hello

From SearchEngineWatch.com

Major Search Engines and Directories

MetaCrawlers and MetaSearch Engines

News Search Engines

Search Toolbars and Utilities

Kids' Listings

Specialty Search Engines

Miscellaneous Global Search Engines

Here's an interesting one: volunteer-organized engines
This is definitely worth looking at

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