July 23, 2004

The BBC has launched the BBC Motion Gallery, with over 10,000 video clips
You can see the Gallery at

50 Problem Solving Strategies Explained
John Malouff, J.D., Ph.D

From the University of New England comes a comprehensive list of problem solving strategies which allows individuals to use a checklist approach to problem solving. It also could facilitate training others in problem solving. The classification of the strategies into types may facilitate the development of new strategies that fit into a specific category. The explanations and examples given could serve as a valuable supplement to other explanations and examples available in books and on the web.

The strategies on this list are in themselves not original. The original aspects of this list are
(a) putting all these specific strategies together
(b) organizing them into the types described below
(c) giving each type of strategy a fresh explanation with new examples.

You got a problem with that?

American Rivers

60 Dams in 15 States to be removed in 2004

More than 145 dams have been removed since 1999 when the breaching of Edwards Dam on Maine's Kennebec River first captured national attention. This promising trend is the result of two converging developments -- a growing appreciation of the ecological benefits of removing dams and the aging of much of the nation?s dam infrastructure.
While dams can provide valuable services, the ecological price is high. Dams drown valuable habitat under reservoirs, block the annual migrations of fish, and can create downstream conditions inhospitable for fish and wildlife. Dams also create several safety hazards, some of which increase with age. Small dams are sometimes called "drowning machines" because they can create dangerous undertows.

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