July 21, 2004

UNM Researchers Publish Water Theory

Washing dishes in the kitchen sink has a theory behind it, but no one explained it until now.
Professors Vakhtang Putkaradze and Peter Vorobieff and graduate student Keith Mertens

describe the theory and experiment on hydrodynamic instability in a research paper published in Nature, a respected peer-reviewed science magazine.
Their 700-word essay, titled "Braiding Patterns on an Incline Plane," describes a simple-minded problem.
"It's very familiar, but it hasn't been explained until now," Putkaradze said.
The paper describes a new form of hydrodynamic instability, which is the variation of the height and weight of a stream of water.

* * *

"Every college student should be able to understand it," Putkaradze said.

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I do understand, this time, I do!

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