July 15, 2004

From SearchEngine Watch

Ask Jeeves has announced several new "Smart Search" shortcuts
Ask Jeeves has announced several new "Smart Search" shortcuts, along with a new page preview tool.

The shortcuts allow searchers to enter a trigger word and get a relevant answer, often from a high quality source directly at the top of the results list. If an answer isn't actually shown, then a link is general provided to specialized database.

Smart Search shortcuts have been around at Ask Jeeves since April 2003, but the company has expanded the list with today's release. Here's the complete set:

*Movies: Synopses, top links, average critics' review scores, and local show times for all new film releases, as with Shrek. See the past SearchDay article, Ask Jeeves Famous People Search, for more about this particular shortcut.
* Wedding Registry: Access all wedding registry locations from Pottery Barn to Tiffany's for any bride and groom, as with this example
* Fed Ex and UPS Tracking: Enter the tracking number
* People Search: Find contact information for individuals across the United States, such as jack jones chicago illinois
* Definitions: Quick explanations of meanings for words and acronyms, such as define unstable.
* Navigation: Highlights the most-likely result for people looking for a specific site, such as with cnn.
* Sports Teams: Links to scores and more for all U.S. sports franchises, such as los angeles dodgers.
* Terror Alert: Real-time updates of the current terror alert level in the U.S. Just enter terror alert.
* Current Events: Editorially-selected links for breaking news and current events, such as gas prices in 90210.

Google's "Shortcut" Links are here

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The Librarians' Index to the Internet has a new resource collection devoted to the Olympics. It's available at http://lii.org/search/file/olympics

You'll find a variety of Olympics information (current and historical): athletes and sports, information about Athens, with a set of links to peripheral Olympics information, including the IOC, medals, mascots, the Olympic Torch, and the Special Olympics.
Run and check it out

British Library to archive all UK Web sites

The British Library, famed for a collection that includes a First Folio of Shakespeare, two Gutenberg Bibles and the scribbled lyrics to "I Want to Hold Your Hand," is starting the initial phase of a project that may eventually lead to it archiving all U.K. Web sites.

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Here are some search tips for Nurses
There are also sites for consumers (that's you and me) here and here

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