July 23, 2004

Step Away From The Lobster, And No One Gets Hurt

This incredible story comes from the

Diane Huang, a seafood buyer, is scheduled to enter federal prison on July 21, where she will begin serving a two-year sentence for purchasing undersized lobster tails shipped in clear plastic bags. Under the Lacey Act, a U.S. law, it is illegal to take wildlife in violation of foreign law. The lobsters Ms. Huang purchased violated obscure laws of Honduras because they were shipped in clear plastic bags, rather than opaque cardboard boxes, and a small percentage of the lobsters did not measure to 5.5 inches in length.

Exhibit L?

Britain's Librarians Vote For Most Annoying Noises

Top of the Annoying Noises list are mobile phone tunes closely followed by people playing their music too loudly and people discussing personal issues in public. The full list follows:

1 mobile phone tunes
2 people playing their music too loudly
3 people discussing personal issues in public
4 second hand music from next door
5 small children screaming

6 car/house alarms
7 revving engines
8 dogs barking
9 sniffing
10 giggling

A word to the wise is sufficient

The Library of Congress has announced The Lewis Carroll Scrapbook Collection, now available at http://international.loc.gov/intldl/carrollhtml/ .
Lewis Carroll, he of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Though the Looking-Glass (also known as Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) kept a scrapbook and this is it. The scrapbook covers the years 1855 to 1872 and contains clippings, illustrations, and photographs.
You may either search by keyword or browse. The collection also includes an essay about the scrapbook, a timeline, and a portrait gallery.

Like comedy? You'll enjoy the encyclopedia of comics, from Abbott & Costello to Zacherley, available at http://www.comedystars.com/homepage/ .
There are over 2000 medical tutorials in the Spider Nevi search engine, with a further 7000 tutorials waiting to be reviewed. Unfortunately the search engine isn't work-safe, since recent searches are put on the front page and some people are searching for obscenities, but if you can get past that you might like Spider Nevi: http://www.spidernevi.com/

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