January 18, 2005

"I do solemnly swear..."

It's Inauguration Day on Thursday, and, of course, the US Dep't of Education has quite a package of information and resources. It's a collection of 400 items from 62 inaugurations. It includes diaries and letters, handwritten drafts of inaugural addresses, inaugural tickets and programs, and photos, from the Library of Congress.

President Lincoln delivering his inaugural address on the
east portico of the U.S. Capitol, March 4, 1865.
Photographer: Alexander Gardner (courtesy Library of Congress) Posted by Hello

Interesting fact: Which President wore a ring to his inauguration that contained a lock of hair cut from Lincoln's head after he was shot?
The answer is here, along with hundreds of other speeches, photographs, and other documents related to this year's Inauguration, and Inaugurations past. All at Federal Resources For Educational Excellence, of course

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