August 18, 2004

Citysearch is a leading local search service, providing up-to-date information on businesses: restaurants, retail, travel, professional services, and more

You know, there are more made-up languages than just pig latin. You may have heard of others, like Klingon, but there are also many that were invented by individuals or small groups of people. You can get a raft of information on them at

TV Guide Online Improves Search Capabilities, Offers New Options
+ Improved search (sitewide search now available, categorized results)

+ Big Movie Guide
++ Lists EVERY movie on TV today and for the next 6 days
++ Sort movies by title, airtime, network, year and rating
++ Detailed descriptions of movie with full cast, photos, and credits
+ Big Sports Guide
++ Lists EVERY sporting event on TV tonight and for the next 6 days
+ Episode Guides and Program News
Info for more than 700 shows is available

Yahoo Launches an "Official" Search Blog

Operational Significant Event Imagery team produces high-resolution, detailed imagery of significant environmental events which are visible in remotely-sensed data available at the NOAA Science Center in Suitland, Maryland.
"Events" include:

+ Current Events
+ Dust Storms
+ Fires
+ Floods
+ Icebergs
+ Ocean
+ Severe Weather
+ Snow Cover
+ Storms
+ Tropical Cyclones, Hurricanes, & Typhoons
+ Unique Imagery, such as Chesapeake Bay
+ Volcanoes

Lists of Bests is a one-stop shop to find all the "best of" books, music, and movie lists.

Which books have you read?

Which CDs have you listened to?

Which movies have you watched?

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