August 26, 2004

STEWARTVILLE, MN (AP) - A Rochester girl has found a frog near Stewartville with five legs and 23 toes.

The director of Quarry Hill Nature Center says three out of four legs appear normal, but the fourth has another leg and three feet attached to it. Greg Munson says otherwise the frog looks healthy.

Munson says 27 other frogs found by nine-year-old Cori Praska and her friend were normal.

But Munson and others at the nature center say the deformed frog is disturbing. Frogs are particularly sensitive to pollution because they live on land and water and they easily absorb pollutants through their skin. Because of that, scientists consider stressed frog populations and deformations a sign that something could be amiss in the environment.

Something new to check out at the mall: library books
The Christian Science Monitor

SEATTLE - Typically, people go to malls to shop and to socialize. They may meet a friend for a quick lunch and then hunt for a new outfit. But at two malls in the greater Seattle area, they can also pick up a copy of the latest bestseller, do a computer search for a new job, and listen to a Spanish- language CD - all for free. The freebies aren't some enormous give-away by the malls, but typical library services in a not-so-typical location.
In 2001, the King County Library System, which includes Seattle and is one of the largest circulating libraries in the United States, opened its first library in a shopping mall after the owner of the popular Crossroads Mall in eastern King County contacted the library and offered space.

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