August 14, 2004
a medical metasearch engine, has launched. covers 25 databases including medical search engines, image libraries, and health and medical news. Its search options include: 12 Medical Search Engines (Default Search); eight Health and Medical News Sources; five Medical Image Libraries; MedPro Search for medical professionals; Basic Search for the general public; Related Search Options; Single Site Search Focus; and One-Click Dictionary look up.
There is a Medical Association Mini-Directory (150 and counting); Medical Journal Mini-Directory - (250 and counting); and 72 Searchable Medical Databases.
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Have I told you about TimeTicker?
Timeticker is a simple little utility, but one that's quite useful if you need to check time differences on a regular basis. You can use it for travelling or Cybernet scheduling.
Timeticker displays the current time for dozens of countries throughout the world.
It's easy to use and makes it a snap to compare the time in different zones throughout the world.

Earth's Time Zones Posted by Hello

The site uses Flash
to display a map of the world. By default, it displays Greenwich mean time (GMT). To see the time anywhere else in the world, just click the map, and the current time in that zone is instantlydisplayed. A sphere at the bottom of the map tells you the difference in hours between the zone you clicked and GMT.

The only downside to the site are its busy sounds. There's a constant ticking sound, and some other sounds ...
My advice to you? Do what you have to, and turn it off!

Travelzoo has announced SuperSearch
It's a meta-search tool for travel sites. It's available at
If you've ever searched for travel information this will look familiar. Enter where you want to travel and your date and number of travelers. You may also specify if you want to search nearby hotels and if your dates are flexible.

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