August 03, 2004

Topix Upgrades News, Adds Email Alerts
By Gary Price has enhanced its service with a number of new features.

Topix now has more than 7000 sources (primarily but not exclusively U.S. publications) and more than 150,000 "topically based" pages, which include local pages (a page for each zip code in the U.S.).

Keyword email alerts are now available. Results are delivered either daily or weekly. On the home page you'll now see a "Live Feed" on the right-side of the page. This contains an "up to the second" look at what Topix is adding to their database.

Finally, if you visit a topical or local page and then return to the home page, the pages you've visited are added to the main menus as dynamic sub-menus ("flyouts") as you mouse down the top-level category list below the search box.

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