August 15, 2004

Honk if You Love to Sing Bumper Stickers
New York Times
Aug 16 2004

Israeli author David Grossman was driving through a forest preserve just outside this city, when he noticed a car stopped on the shoulder of the road and slowed to see what might be the matter. The motorist, he saw, was scraping off a bumper sticker that said, "Rabin Rotzeach'' ("Rabin is a Murderer").
At that moment Mr. Grossman, a novelist and essayist, fathomed the peculiar and intense importance of bumper stickers in Israel.
He began to scribble down examples, enlisted friends and family members to do the same, and ultimately collected 120 slogans, united only by their brevity and certitude.
Now he has transformed 54 of those phrases into the rhyming lyrics of a song, which has been recorded by one of Israel's leading rap groups, Hadag Nachash, and become the surprise pop-music hit of the season. The album containing it has topped sales charts and sold 15,000 copies in only two months, the equivalent of 750,000 in the United States.
Over a Jamaican dub beat, the singer Sha'anan Streett chants slogans as irreconcilable as "A strong people makes peace," "No Arabs, no terror" and "Long live the king Messiah."
How about "My son is an honor student at Carvel Middle School"?

New Technology Heralds Unlimited Web Sites

ICANN, the U.S. body overseeing Web site allocations globally, has launched a new technology that will allow virtually unlimited Internet addresses, its chairman told Reuters on Tuesday.
Vinton Cerf of the Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) said the next-generation protocol, IPv6, had been added to its root server systems, making it possible for every person or device to have an Internet protocol address.
Just what I need - more Bookmarks!

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