April 07, 2004

The Agricultural Research Service reports the introduction of a 'fun-to-eat peach called "Galaxy"'.
It's got a great taste and an amusing, flat shape. It looks something like a bagel, and tastes sweet and juicy ...
Galaxy is what fruit fanciers will recognize as a "peento" peach, short for the original Chinese "Pan Tao."

From RefDesk's Link of the Day comes the low-down on Daylight Saving Time:
Just as sunflowers turn their heads to catch every sunbeam, so too have we discovered a simple way to get more from our sun.
We've learned to save energy and enjoy sunny summer evenings by switching our clocks an hour forward in the summer.
The history of daylight saving, from Benjamin Franklin to the present...
While you're there, check out webexhibits.org

The Census Bureau has assembled some cold hard facts to help us infomaniacs follow the Election of 2004. They're .PDF files, so you've been warned.

You've been hearing about high-definition television for years. Are you ready for high-definition radio?
A Maryland company called iBiquity has developed a technology that will allow AM and FM stations to switch to digital broadcasts.
Why should we care? Read about it here in USA Today

In the News from NASA'a Earth Observatory:

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Satellite Data and Computer Models Predict Growth


Fires in Sierra Leone


Dry Denver


Spring Runoff in the Baltic Sea


Snowstorm at the China-Mongolia-Russia Borders


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