April 13, 2004

World's Oldest Mouse Reaches 136th Birthday (relatively speaking)
Yoda, the world's oldest mouse, celebrated his fourth birthday on Saturday, April 10, 2004. At 1,462-days-old, Yoda is now the equivalent of about 136 in human-years. The life span of the average laboratory mouse is slightly over two years. The dwarf mouse lives in quiet seclusion with his cage mate, Princess Leia, in a pathogen-free rest home for geriatric mice belonging to Richard A. Miller, M.D., Ph.D., a professor of pathology in the Geriatrics Center of the University of Michigan Medical School.

Once again, the experts "discover" the obvious:
The most common ways to beat low mood are having someone to talk to and being hugged, a survey published by a mental health charity has found.
And, in breaking news, the sun will rise in the east tomorrow.

Miss Missouri, Shandi Finnessey, a 25-year-old graduate student who has published a children's book, was crowned Miss USA at the 52nd annual pageant on Monday.
A Republican, she told Reuters she would use her position to help explain America's involvement in Iraq. "What needed to be done had to be done," she said.
I like her already.

Google free email faces legal challenge
Jane Perrone and agencies
April 13, 2004
A California politician who condemned Google's plans for a free email service as a "Faustian bargain" that undermines privacy has begun drafting legislation to stop Gmail in its tracks.
The search engine giant announced on April 1 ... that it was planning to offer users a free email account with an unprecedented amount of storage. [1 Gigabyte of Mail storage is 40 times what the average Mail services offer for a premium - fd]
Democratic state senator Liz Figueroa fears the California-based firm's plans to scan customers' emails and insert targeted advertisements is a "misbegotten idea" that "undermines the most fundamental aspect of communication - the expectation of privacy".
Thanks, but no thanks, Liz, I'll make up my own mind.

I think I just found out more about Samoans than I wanted to know.

Seedless lemons are due to go on sale in the UK this week in what producers claim is a world first.The variety, called Seedless Eureka, was discovered by chance by a grower in South Africa.
Just thought you wanted to know.

Q: Is eating five small meals a day the way to go? Or are three regular meals a day more effective for weight loss?
A: Weight loss — as well as weight gain — is a matter of calories in versus calories out. If you eat fewer calories than your body requires, you will lose weight. If you eat more calories than your body requires, you'll gain weight. How you take in those calories is up to you; it's a simple mathematical equation and really a matter of trial and error.
D'oh! You think these people are the ones who came up with "Just say no"?

Only in New York: You might call it a case of secret disservice. A man who works for the Secret Service will be arraigned Tuesday on serious charges: a car rip-off after the 9/11 attacks.

A little bit more than I wanted to know about Sacagawea.

Scary stuff like 'the buckyballs will eat your brains' sells much better. Doesn't matter that it's not correct, as long as it sells papers.

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