April 20, 2004

Welcome to The Museum of Unworkable Devices.
This museum is a celebration of fascinating devices that don't work.

Check out the Aerials Only Gallery
We have heard many times from people who have received aerial photographs as gifts that they are some of the best gifts they have ever received.

Try the BBC Senses Challenge

You mean you still haven't seen Liquid Guy?
It's related to Whitney Biennial 2002
eMail me if you can't get it going.

Check out the Cable Clock. It keeps good time, but how long can you look at it?
There's many more like that here.

Do you hate Post-its? I do, and now, Damon does.

Here's the National UFO Reporting Database. Will those Aliens never leave us alone?

From Bowdoin College, beautiful Japanese Zen gardens.

If you've never seen the "Honda Car Parts Contraption," see it now.
Requires MacroMedia Flash Player {Free Download}

Google, at the beginning.

Urban Legends takes a look at Disney movies.

Paperclip Art. No, really.

Juggling, juggling, and more juggling.

Douwe Osinga, who now lives in Amsterdam, has put various web-based projects online, at atdouweosinga.com. My favorites: Mapped Web, Google News Map, Visited Countries, and Visited States. There are lots more, some of which require a little technical know-how.

Here's a list of the 100 Most Mispronounced Words and Phrases in English.

I have too much respect for country music to call these the Worst Country Song Titles, but they sure are the goofiest.

May I have your Ticket Stub, please?

Hear the earliest sound recordings at Tinfoil.com

Stay on top of latest developments in medicine at Medical Breakthroughs.

Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon bugged their own office and tapped their own phones. American RadioWorks eavesdrops on presidential telephone calls.

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