April 08, 2004

From Chris Sherman, at SearchEngineWatch.com:

Have you heard of Scobleizer?
Scobleizer is a 'blog devoted to things Microsoft. A good place to go to learn what's new in the Kingdom of Gates.
Mr. Scoble has been interviewed by WebTalk Radio regarding "Blogging, RSS and Channel 9"

Google's GMail opened to a rocky start, and Google is teaming up with BellSouth.

It looks like Ask.com (f.k.a "Ask Jeeves") is hot on the heels of Google to be a search engine giant

From Refdesk {Sign up for "Link-a-Day" here}
American Journeys contains more than 18,000 pages of eyewitness accounts of North American exploration, from the sagas of Vikings in Canada in AD1000 to the diaries of mountain men in the Rockies 800 years later.
Mechanical Marvels of the Nineteenth Century "is the most extensive collection of images and information on Victorian-era robots to be found in the whole World Wide Web."
From CNN/Money, comes their recurring feature "The Best Places to Live in 2004." I know my town's not on the list.

From MagPortal {a site I highly recommend - sign up here} comes a "Hot Article" from Reason OnLine, called Fools for Communism: Still apologists after all these years.
Glenn Garvin reviews a book entitled In Denial: Historians, Communism and Espionage, by John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr.
Very interesting review, and very interesting book.

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