April 17, 2004

The British Library Sound Archive is online and running. One of the largest sound archives in the world, it opened in 1955 as the British Institute of Recorded Sound, and became part of the British Library in 1983.

From Oklahoma State University, images of Culture from around the world. And Pop Culture as Global Culture.

Take an exciting journey through a tropical rainforest, experience the life and learn about the creatures. See exotic butterflies and tropical birds flying free, handle snakes and spiders, see poisonous frogs and scorpions, leaf cutter ants and much much more.
I'm on my way!

The next accent you hear might be your own!
Check out the Speech Accent Archive.

BUBL Information Service, the massive UK searchable database, now has added a Music Reference Library to its burgeoning stack of resources.

Are you really interested in Biology, I mean, really interested in Biology? Then you need Exam.net

National Geographic's redesigned online atlas gives you the world?your way. It's called Map Machine. Find nearly any place on Earth, and view it by population, climate, and much more ...
I've had it in my "Favorites" Folder for quite a while, but I never tire of fiddling with it.

From Spartacus Educational

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