June 01, 2004

From Colorado State University's Tropical Meteorology Project, comes the 2004 Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Forecast
"We anticipate an above-average number of Atlantic basin tropical cyclones and an above-average probability of U.S. hurricane landfall," predicted Dr. William Gray.

Eric Weisstein's World of Biography provides very brief biographies for over 1,000 figures in science (or the history of science). It has categories and is also keyword-searchable. Entries may include figures and links out to external resources.

Here are all the Yahoo! Shortcuts

Kartoo has launched a new search site based on the Yahoo search engine database. It's called Ujiko, and requires Flash installed in order to work.
When you click on one of the search listings, the relevant link is actually stored by UJIKO on your own computer. The next time you search for this particular search query the pages you already have visited will appear among the first.
There's much, much more. Go check it out.

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