June 24, 2004

What is the one word you will always hear, day after day, for the rest of your life? The answer is your name.
But where do these names come from?
The meaning behind your name can be found at Behindthename.com, which lists the etymology behind thousands of first names.
There is also a vast amount of information on other related topics, such as instructions on how to change your name, the correct pronunciation of your name in foreign languages, even a list of the Most Popular names in the world.
I'll know you'll look for your name first

The Ancient World Mapping Center, based out of the University of North
, works to maintain the importance of cartography and geographic study within the field of Ancient History. The organization's slogan is "mapping the ancient world, from Athens to Zucchabar"

From Ed Zuckerman's Gov't News & Info

NIH Offers New Resources to Better Understand Sleep
High School Curriculum Joins Garfield Star Sleeper Campaign As Latest in Materials for Adolescents and Children
Just what teenagers need - information about sleep

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