May 13, 2004

At Psybox Psychology Software!, you'll find a great Dictionary of Psychology.

More from Internet Resource Newsletter:

As heretical as this may seem to some PC users, Google doesn't know it all. Sure, the paragon of search engines deftly handles most of our search requests. Here are the best data resources on the Web, from the latest business news sites to the most useful addresses for hearth and home. From PCWorld.

Check out the Black Inventor Online Museum

And the Busy Educator's Newletter

If you're interested in different ways to read the news, as I am, check out Findory News

freesearch is a UK based search destination, offering the best of Web Search, Picture Search and an Online Dictionary.

Furl is a new web browsing tool that lets you save and organize thousands of useful web pages for future reference (but then can never find again) in a personal "web page filing cabinet".
I'm already using it.

Jyte is way to find, read and follow the news. You don't have to surf the web to find your content, you can read the content in the Jyte window. The articles you receive are based on search technology. Keywords you want and get only the news that relates.
I've only used it a short while. It's interesting. I'll keep you posted.

MyWireService - still going strong - delivers the headlines and summaries to you in an easy to scan page.

News search portal neatly sets out links to a large number of searchable news sources, news search engines, weblog and RSS feed search engines, etc.
A must have for news freaks, like me.

PubSub lets you filter over one million weblogs and information streams to find the content you're looking for, in real time.
It's like Google Alert for RSS

Trackle allows you to check on pages in intervals ranging from once a day to every hour of the day (like Watchthatpage). Excerpts, consolidates and emails you the content portions that have changed. Displays changes as plain text, while preserving links (useful for monitoring blogs {like Bot a Blog).

PC magazine has published their Top 100 Web Sites. You'll wonder how you ever got along without these little-known gems. They've also updated their Top 100 Classics.

SearchSwift combines searches from the top search engines as well as sites that you will only find on SearchSwift.
Very interesting.

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