May 14, 2004

Record Broken: 82% of U.S. Email is Spam
Outdoing most analysts' worst predictions, spam accounted for 82 percent of all U.S. email last month. After a two-month drop in spam, the number of unsolicited bulk email skyrocketed in April ... according to MessageLabs, Inc., a security company based in New York. "This is as bad as we've seen it," says Paul Wood, spokesman for MessageLabs.
So what's the good news?

Archaeologists have found what they believe to be the site of the Library of Alexandria, often described as the world's first major seat of learning. A Polish-Egyptian team has found 13 individual lecture halls, or auditoria, that could have accommodated as many as 5,000 students, according to archaeologist Zahi Hawass, president of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities.

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