May 03, 2004

Cinco de Mayo: Bilingual (English and Spanish) account of the events that occurred during the Battle of Puebla, Mexico, on May 5, 1862, and a brief account of why this day is important to Mexican-Americans.
and from the World Book
about the celebration

From the American Memory Project of the Library of Congress: Spalding Base Ball Guides, 1889-1939
A collection of 20 Official Indoor Baseball Guides and 15 Spalding's Official Base Ball Guides, which "featured editorials from baseball writers on the state of the game, statistics, photographs, and analysis of the previous season for all the Major League teams and for many of the so-called minor leagues across the nation." Searchable.

US City & Town Official Web Sites
This site is a directory of "reliable and stable [online] sources of city and town information. Namely city sites, chamber of commerce sites, convention and visitor bureau sites, etc. Stable sites usually will have obtained their own .com, .org, .net, .info, .us, [or] .gov" domain name. Also includes information for Canada. Browsable by state or province.

Duty, Honor, Country
From DefenseLINK

Today Dr. John Ritchey will close his ophthalmology office, turn over his patient records to two other local doctors, and prepare to put on the Army uniform he last hung up 27 years ago to serve in Iraq.
Ritchey, age 68, said he has volunteered to return to active duty to serve in every major conflict since Operation Desert Storm -- but with one condition. He didn't want to serve as "backfill" for deployed troops, but rather, to deploy to the theater.
So this time, when Ritchey got a call from the Army Surgeon General's office telling him the Army needed eye surgeons in Iraq, he accepted.
"I think of it as payback," he said. "The Army has always been very good to me."
Ritchey has experienced combat before, when he served as a flight surgeon in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne Division.
He and his wife June are active in SEE International, a Santa Barbara, Calif.-based group that provides volunteer medical care in poor and war-torn countries. SEE stands for Surgical Eye Expeditions. Ritchey has traveled to Mongolia, Bulgaria, Nepal, Africa, El Salvador, Guiana and Peru, among other countries, to provide much-needed medical care.
" ... I don't look at this as a sacrifice at all. I see this as an opportunity to use the skills I'm trained in to provide the best care possible to the people who need it."
Good luck, and God be with you, Doc.

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