May 20, 2004

Things to do with Vaseline while hanging out in a Motel room
Binghamton, N.Y. Roger Chamberlain may have thought he managed to slide by police when he switched motels.
But when he was allegedly found a short while later glimmering from head to toe in petroleum jelly, authorities believed they had their man.
Chamberlain, 44, of McLean, Va., is accused of coating nearly every available surface in his room at the Motel 6 near Binghamton with the unctuous substance.
Then, after checking out, a cleaning crew discovered the gooey mess -- one that included mattresses, bedding, a television set, furniture, carpeting and towels all slathered with petroleum jelly.
Damage to the room and its contents was estimated at more than $1,000, and once police arrived, they found 14 empty petroleum jelly containers ...
A short time later, a sheriff's deputy found Chamberlain in a room at another motel, his body smeared entirely in the greasy stuff, authorities said.
Chamberlain was charged May 9 with felony criminal mischief and ordered held in Broome County Jail. He was released May 11, Corrections Officer Anthony Rando said.
Meanwhile, back at the Motel 6, the manager said Chamberlain's old room remains unusable.
An attempt to reach Chamberlain in Virginia was not immediately successful"
I'm sure he was taking a long, long shower

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