May 12, 2004

The British Library Sound Archive holds over a million discs, 185,000 tapes, and many other sound and video recordings. They range from cylinders made in the late 19th century to the latest CD, DVD and minidisc recordings.

From the Internet Resources Newsletter

ARKive is a not-for-profit initiative of The Wildscreen Trust.
It is the Noah's Ark for the Internet: the world's centralised digital library of films, photographs and associated recordings of species, accessible to all via the world wide web.

Some Blog sites

Big List of Blog Search Engines
A useful list.

Blizg is a blog index that focuses on metadata. We want to promote the use of metadata in the blogging community, and find new ways to use metadata that will create useful connections between and among blogs.

BlogPulse uses "Automated Trend Discovery" to track and compare issues, phrases, personalities and topics in the rapidly exploding universe of Weblogs.

The vision of Moving Here is to explore, record and illustrate why people came to England over the last 200 years. The site mainly looks at the Caribbean, Irish, Jewish and South Asian communities but we are growing all the time!
This web site offers free access photographs, personal papers, government documents, maps and art objects, as well as a collection of sound recordings and video clips, all related to British immigration.

The War Times Journal Portal is an on-line military resource for researchers, hobbyists, military professionals and all others with an interest in military history, science and defense.

If you want to jump into the Internet with both feet, you can't go wrong checking out these sites:

BUBL has retained a strong library element, but now provides a subject-based service to the academic and research community.

BUBL News is available here.
The latest BUBL updates can be found here:

PSIgate (Physical Science Information Gateway) is the physical sciences hub of the Resource Discovery Network (RDN).

BIOME is a collection of gateways which provide access to Internet resources in the health and life sciences, aimed at students, researchers, academics and practitioners.

Academic Info is your gateway to quality educational resources. It's an annotated subject directory tailored toward a college and university audience and is used by students, librarians, and researchers.

The Resource Discovery Network (RDN) is a cooperative network of independent subject-based service providers called hubs. coordinated by the Resource Discovery Network Centre (RDNC).

Updates to Humbul can be found here.

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