May 15, 2004

It's Time For Uncle Url!

Does this look familiar? I hope not.

For you word buffs, trivia nuts, and Scrabble pros, here's a list of Old Fashioned Names for Real Diseases.

I'm sure we've all felt like this, at some time or another.

Want to tour a Pyramid?

Here is a bunch of Text Messaging Shortcuts

Go download Flash, if you haven't already, and check this out.

Do you say "pop" or "soda". If you live in the USA, here's what everybody else says.

If you have any idea what this means, please let me know.

The Interactive $50 bill

and the Interactive $20 bill

While you're at it, check out the the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing's (BEP) web site.

Try Word Association. I'm not exactly sure what's going on, but when the "computer 'passes'", I yell, "I won!"

Animated engines. Cool

Signs of life. Really

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